As a commercial builder we can build or renovate your facility.

Whether you are manufacturing a product, providing engineering, maintenance or logistics support, or are involved in any other commercial industry in this area, we can help you create the facility that meets your operational demands, provides the safety you require, and ultimately provides your workforce with the space they need to be productive. We are a commercial builder that works in craven, carteret and pamlico counties. We build commercial facilities from scratch or upfit or remodel existing buildings. So whichever situation your company is in, we can accommodate you.

Does your existing commercial space not function right? Let us design a plan that makes your space work better so you can concentrate on serving your customers and doing what you do best. A smart renovation or remodeling plan can be just what a business needs to enable operations to run smoothly so profits can climb.

If you have an idea of what it would take to make your space flow better, contact us and we can tell you what is involved from the perspective of a commercial builder. We’ll ask you some questions about your business, if you’ve secured a location or are renovating an existing location, what size space you have or need, what the function of each area is, what you envision, what your time-frame is and so on… All of these questions help us to develop the scope of the project. Once we have the scope we can develop a proposal and come up with a comprehensive plan and design. No detail is left out so you will know that we’ve got you covered.

Some recent projects we have completed include:

    • Bridgepointe Hotel Marina: Complete renovation.
    • Bender Apparel: 7000 square foot addition on their existing manufacturing facility

Commercial Builder